Frequently Asked Questions:

"What are your rates?"

Unlike other computer service companies that charge an upfront fee of a hundred-dollars or more before any work is even done, Acalon Tech only charges for the work we actually do for you after a free consultation or diagnosis. We offer some of the most competitive pricing in on-site computer repair in the industry, and is the best option for unbeatable computer service for your home or office. After the first hour, our rates are pro-rated per half hour, meaning if your call takes an hour and a half, you aren't charged for 2 hours and so on. As mentioned below, a nominal travel fee may apply.

Our residential hourly rate is: 90/ hr
Our commercial hourly rate is: 110/hr
Computer Systems: Per Quote
Networking: Per Quote
Parts/Peripherals: Contact us today!

"Where did the name Acalon come from?"

Before Acalon Technologies was formed, its creators collaborated to create a company name that was unique, memorable, and would make the company's name as distinctive as the services the company would offer. After extensive research, the character name ‘Accolon’ was found in the famous Legend of King Arthur. Upon reading this name in written form, Acalon’s creators quickly realized ‘Accolon’ was open to misunderstanding or mispronunciation. In an effort to minimize confusion and stay away from any meanings tied to the Arthurian storyline, Acalon’s creator decided to re-word the name ‘Accolon’, creating its current form ‘Acalon.’ The term ‘Acalon’ has no known meanings and no translations from non-English languages. ‘Acalon’ is not a combination of names or any other words.

"Does Acalon service areas outside the immediate Murfreesboro, TN area?"

Yes, Acalon services areas throughout the Middle Tennessee area. For on-site service, a nominal travel charge of .99 per mile is applicable for mileage "to" a customer’s location. Customers are only charged the distance "to", not "to and from."

"Does Acalon build computer systems?"

Yes, Acalon custom-builds desktop and laptop computer systems. Acalon is proud to offer a wide variety of computer systems, featuring state-of-the-art components. A highly regarded feature of Acalon computer systems is Acalon’s free* On-site setup of all the systems it sells in the Middle Tennessee area. With Acalon, there is no impersonal receiving of a cardboard box on a customer’s front step like that provided by other computer manufacturers. Acalon will come and set up your new system and get you up and running when you purchase any other our high-quality systems. Acalon computer systems are some of the most competitively priced in the business, oftentimes costing significantly less than similar systems of other brands. * While setup is free, standard travel charge may apply.

"When I get a quote for a new system from Acalon, where can I find details about delivery?"

"Can I get a system more quickly than Acalon’s standard delivery time?"

"Why are systems not available immediately?"

Acalon’s Standard Delivery Option on complete systems usually takes between 7 to 14 business days for delivery and or installation. Acalon systems are not pre-built before customer orders, and Acalon generally does not keep on hand most of the components necessary to build a complete computer system. Acalon does this for several reasons. The main reason or Acalon’s reluctance to keep system components on hand is due to the nature of prices in the computer market. Computer component prices drop from day to day. If Acalon stocks ‘Product X’ for $199 on Monday and Friday the price of ‘Product X’ drops to $169, Acalon cannot sell ‘Product X’ to the consumer for less than $199. Acalon strives to keep prices as low as possible. To adhere to this standard, Acalon feels this Non-Stock policy is the best solution for its customers in most cases. By ordering market volatile system components after a customer has placed an order, Acalon can provide the lowest possible prices to the consumer. Acalon realizes that some customers require a system in less than the what is provided by the Standard Delivery Option. For these customers, several options are available. QuickDelivery services, ranging from guaranteed delivery dates spanning 2-8 business days from order date are available to meet the customer's needs. QuickDelivery services are available upon request for a nominal fee. As each situation can differ greatly, please inquire for individual pricing for your quote.

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